The Big Live Streaming Platforms


The Big Live Streaming Platforms

Image from Streamer Magazine


Twitch is today the largest live streaming service for individuals. Twitch is owned by Amazon and offers partner and affiliate programs for those who meet the requirements. Twitch is the fourth largest source of peak Internet traffic in the United States.

Youtube Live/Gaming

Youtube is not only the world’s largest video-sharing platform; it also offers the capability to live stream. Youtube is owned by Google.

Facebook Gaming – Facebook Live

The world’s largest online social media and social networking service also offers live streaming.


Caffeine is a live streaming platform that delivers live, interactive content at the intersection of gaming, sports, and entertainment.

FORMER PLATFORMS (now shut down)


Mixer was a streaming platform with emphasis on interactivity and with low stream latency. The service is owned by Microsoft, who officially shut it down on July 22, 2020. Website visitors are directed to Facebook Gaming.


Periscope was a live video streaming app for Android and iOS. Pericsope was owned by Twitter and shut down in 2021.